I have chronic inflammation and these are the simple anti-inflammatory lunches I make on repeat

You only need 10 minutes for these recipes!

Reviewed by Dietitian Emily Lachtrupp, MS, RD

With my chronic inflammation I have ocular rosacea, which causes inflammation in the face and eyes, I try to reduce my symptoms as much as possible. While I take oral medications and use topical treatment for my condition, I still try to reduce my inflammation in other ways as well, most notably by being mindful of the food I eat.

These lunches are in my regular meal rotation for many reasons. First, they contain anti-inflammatory ingredients like dark leafy greens, whole grain bread, natural peanut butter, and more. Also, each dish takes no more than 10 minutes to prepare, which for me is not a desire but a need. Fresh, simple, and satisfying are the three words I look for when it comes to my lunches, so here are some of my go-tos that I’ve been looking forward to all week.

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Spinach salad

I will always find a way to add spinach to my meals because it’s my favorite dark green. As for midday meals, I make a spinach salad for lunch at least once a week. I’m loving this Strawberry Spinach Avocado Walnut Salad this summer because it’s packed with nutritious ingredients that can help keep inflammation symptoms at bay. For a lighter option, this Apple Cranberry Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese satisfies.

Caprese sandwich

Did I mention my favorite high protein sandwich, that is Eat wellThe recipe for the Caprese Sandwich by . I always have all the ingredients on hand for this simple and nutritious meal. All you need is tomato, basil, sliced ​​mozzarella, balsamic vinegar glaze and your favorite type of sandwich bread. For a dish that focuses on anti-inflammatory ingredients, I’ll use whole wheat bread, add some spinach or whatever green leaf I have that week, and if I don’t have fresh basil to use, I spread on some pesto. My swaps are quite similar to our Cucumber Caprese Sandwich, which highlights cucumber, kale, and mayonnaise as tasty additions to the classic sandwich.

Loaded Toast

If I don’t feel like a whole sandwich and just need a light but satisfying bite, I opt for this Caprese Avocado Toast. Adding avocado makes for a delicious anti-inflammatory spread to hold all the toppings together in every bite. Our popular Ricotta Tomato Toast is next on my must-try list for lunch, because it includes my three favorite things: bread, cheese, and seasonal produce that I keep in the fridge.

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Cream cheese and vegetable wrap

Wraps are my go-to fridge clearing dish, and my favorite anti-inflammatory wrap is just veggie cream cheese, peppers, and spinach in a whole-grain tortilla. Sometimes I throw in even more veggies if I have them on hand, like carrots and shredded kale to mimic these Rainbow Veggie Wraps. Don’t be afraid to consume your produce while it’s fresh!

Fruit and cheese platter

Honestly, I could snack on fruit and cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether I’m making a copycat version of my favorite Starbucks fruit and cheese box or taking the time to whip up my own anti-inflammatory bean dip for a plate of sweet and savory hummus, the results are always worth it.

Waffle Toaster With Peanut Butter And Jam

Whenever I grab a savory meal early in the day like Avocado Toast or a bagel, I like to pack my breakfast for lunch. One of my favorites is this Peanut Butter Berry Waffle Sandwich that tastes like elevated PB&J. All of these ingredients can help reduce inflammation, and it’s incredibly easy to make, so I never get tired of it. For more breakfast ideas, check out this list of my favorite anti-inflammatory breakfast recipes that I make time and time again.

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