How HAP’s member-centered approach is changing healthcare for the better

Health Alliance Plan (HAP), a renowned Michigan-based non-profit health plan, has achieved unprecedented success in member and provider satisfaction among commercial health plans in the state. However, HAP’s triumph goes beyond accolades: their unwavering commitment to improving the lives of members, employees and the community distinguishes them as a beacon of hope for accessible and inclusive health services.

In May, HAP was awarded first place in member satisfaction among commercial health plans in Michigan for the second time in three years by JD Power, a global leader in consumer information, counseling services and data analytics. The organization’s annual US Commercial Health Plan Study measures the satisfaction of nearly 32,449 members of 150 health plans in 22 regions across the country. Respondents rated HAP as Michigan’s leading insurer due to their billing and payment efforts, coverage, benefits, and customer service. Additionally, HAP’s annual Vendor Satisfaction Survey showed that 98% of practices reported that they were satisfied with their relationship with HAP.

While the 2023 study showed customer satisfaction with commercial health plans is declining, HAP is committed to stepping up efforts for them. In a recent interview with Becker’s, Senior Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing Margaret Anderson emphasized the importance of providing fast and helpful service to her members.

Echoing Anderson, HAP President and CEO Dr. Michael Genord said, “We are constantly evolving our customer service to ensure we meet and exceed members’ expectations. We have implemented a personal service coordinator, concierge service for our Medicare Advantage members which has been a resounding success. We work to make sure our members use their benefits and get access to the quality care they need.

At the heart of HAP’s success is a combination of community outreach, strategic partnerships, and an unflinching dedication to improving overall health and well-being. Initiatives extend beyond their membership base: By partnering with diverse local stakeholders and organizations, HAP leads programs that address broader social determinants of health.

Partner organizations include the Detroit Department of Health, Habitat for Humanity, OneSight and Cass Community Social Services. HAP employees also took part in the 2022 Game on Cancer (GOC) fundraiser, a partnership with the Detroit Pistons, Henry Ford Health and others to raise awareness and funds for Henry Ford Cancer Institute patients.

HAP’s community outreach program grew through a recent partnership with CareSource, Genord said. In April, the two health plans signed an agreement to form a joint venture to provide better access to care for more Medicaid beneficiaries in the state. Following regulatory approval, HAP and CareSource will launch statewide events throughout the fall targeting both rural and urban communities.

HAP is also the proud title sponsor of the HAP/Crim Festival of Races taking place on August 25th and 26th in Flint. HAP supports the Crim Fitness Foundation year-round to promote healthy lifestyles for residents of Flint and Genesee County.

The health plan’s success serves as an inspiration to the industry, highlighting the importance of integrating health equity, community outreach, and employee empowerment into health care. Their dedication to improving lives and advocating for a healthier society sets a new standard that transcends Michigan’s borders.

In an age where health inequalities persist, HAP stands as a symbol of progress, reminding us of the transformative power of empathy, inclusivity and an unwavering commitment to
well-being of all.

“I learned early in my career as an OBGYN that I needed to be both approachable and transparent in my practice, with both patients and team members,” Genord said. “I have members who reach out to me directly and I’m quick to address concerns, and I also view these situations as an opportunity to learn how HAP can continue to exceed members’ expectations.”

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